Victorian Lion & Serpents Mythic Brass Door Stop

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Early Victorian Lion & Serpents Mythic Brass Door Stop, depicting the magic staff of Hermes, who was a messenger between the Gods and human kind. The staff known as the Caduceus, is entwined by two serpents in a figure eight shape, known as a lemniskate, the symbol of infinity. The oldest known roots of the Caduceus are of Mesopotamian origin with the Sumerian God Ningishzida, whose symbol, a staff with two snakes interwined around it, dates back to between 4000 and 3000 BC. The Lion symbolises Discernment, Protection, Strength, Majesty, Justice and the Sun.

Trades, Occupations and Associations are represented by the God Hermes in Greek mythology. The symbolism also relates to peace making and negotiation.

This piece has a lead weighted back piece to ensure stability and uprightness.




44 cm


20 cm

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