About us


My name is Noel. I am a member of the Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association and C.I.N.O.A. and have 42 years experience in the Trade. I established The Merchant of Welby on the present site in 1987.
I specialise in fine quality 19th century Australian cedar antique furniture.  The warmth and beauty of Australian cedar (botanical name toona ciliata, previously referred to as toona australis) is the equal to the finest cabinet timbers in the world. The first white settlers chose cedar because of its similarity to South American mahogany which was then the most popular cabinet making timber in the UK and Europe. The unique and distinctive design of antique Australian cedar furniture, together with its scarcity, enhances its long term value. I also appreciate and stock Australian antiques made from other timbers.
Australiana is strongly represented including Australian pottery, carnival glass and pokerwork. I also love the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.
I also stock some Victorian and Georgian antique furniture, together with related quality objets d'art including porcelain, pottery and glass, silver and silver plate, brass, copper and pewter items.
I will undertake searches for specific items. Please contact us.
I can help you furnish your home with beautiful, quality antiques that also represent sound investment. You will be playing your part in preserving our heritage. Collecting antiques is also one of the ultimate forms of recycling. You are re-using items that have been loved and appreciated by many previous generations.
A guarantee of authenticity is offered for all items I sell.
Noel Ferguson