Time to Say Goodbye !

Saturday, 18 May, 2024 - 13:30

After almost 38 years trading in antiques, here in Welby, the time has come for me to say goodbye.


I have been privileged to be the temporary custodian of some very beautiful, sometimes quite historic, pieces of Australian antique furniture and other objects. I have also been privileged to meet and get to know some wonderful people from all walks of life. To those of you who have bought from me in the past I hope you are still enjoying these quality pieces.


To all my past customers, I want to say a very warm THANK YOU !!


I started The Merchant of Welby here near Mittagong and Bowral in 1987. To me, dealing in antiques has always been about recycling and that was what attracted me to this industry in the first place. I have had the services of many great furniture restorers over the years, but I would particularly like to thank Ron and Joanne Rosendale, who worked for me for several decades, for their great skills in turning many worn-out old pieces back into beautiful, useful antiques!


Prices for many antiques have fallen in recent years but the quality of these pieces has not, and most of them will be around for another hundred years, way beyond the life of much of today’s disposable furniture.